Greenland Ice Sheet
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Several projects supported the PROMICE weather station network significantly. The KAN weather stations were established for the Greenland Analogue Project (GAP), funded by SKB, Posiva and NWMO, who kindly permit data to be accessible through PROMICE. The KAN_B station is part of the Greenland Analogue Surface Project (GRASP), also funded by SKB. The NUK stations were in past years co-funded through the Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC), and the MIT station through the SEDIMICE project. Although the Zackenberg (ZAK) stations are not part of PROMICE and their data cannot be downloaded here, GlacioBasis kindly allows transmitted values to appear on this website. GAP logo
All values available for download are calculated with data retrieved from the data loggers. Data gaps are filled making use of transmitted data, where available. The automatic weather stations measure all variables (except those by GPS) every 10 minutes, and transmit hourly averages during summer (days 100-300) and daily averages during winter. Parameters of low variability (ablation, tilt, etc.) are transmitted (instantaneous values) every 6 hours in summer, and daily in winter. GPS measurements follow the transmission schedule. For more detailed information see the PROMICE_readme.pdf

With questions about the weather stations or their data, please contact Dirk van As.

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